Central Park Historical Field Trips Inc., doing business as Leadership Learning Lab (LLL), is a 501 c3, not for profit company established over 30 years ago in 1978.

LLL is a creative, not-for-profit organization providing on- and off-site innovative educational programming. For the past 30 years LLL has designed, developed and implemented services for over 650 non-public and public schools within the five boroughs of New York City. LLL provides professional development, direct services to pupils and parent engagement activities. LLL develops individualized program goals to meet the unique needs and interests of administrators, school staff, students and parents.

LLL was a certified Supplemental Educational Services (SES) provider under “No Child Left Behind,” and provides government supported tutorial services at no cost to families, for pupils attending New York City schools. The SES program was based on the 6Rs Model, developed by St. John’s University Department of Education.


Central Park Historical Field Trips’ Mission is to identify, pilot and implement programs that will catalyze the attainment of higher educational levels by public and private school students, and to help solve problems facing education systems associated with widespread alienation, disengagement and loss of expectations.


CPHS has a unique specialty in embedding cultural elements into the normal school curriculum. This is achieved by Professional Development workshops directed towards teachers in predominantly non public schools. These are held at a series of cultural centers such as various museums. The teachers then incorporate their access to the cultural elements to enrich their lesson plans.This is particularly relevant to teachers with little experience and also has a role in rejuvenating the lesson plans of the more senior teachers.

A second role of the Foundation has been directed towards the essential Literacy skills of students at risk. This particular program was developed in conjunction with Dr Richard Sinatra of St Johns University. In this program specially trained teachers in this spelling and interest in literacy.

A special derivative of the program is an outreach to Hispanic students with little if any English language skills, who need above average progress to prepare for the demands of the 21st Century.

A third initiative has been to address the special needs of predominantly but not exclusively young male students. A borough-wide scheme is currently designed and awaiting funding.

A program to prepare teachers for the exam required to be able to teach Mathematics is available and seeking funding support.

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